Module: Toys::StandardMixins::Bundler

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Ensures that a bundle is installed and set up when this tool is run.

The following parameters can be passed when including this mixin:

  • :static (Boolean) If true, installs the bundle immediately, when defining the tool. If false (the default), installs the bundle just before the tool runs.

  • :groups (Array<String>) The groups to include in setup.

  • :gemfile_path (String) The path to the Gemfile to use. If nil or not given, the :search_dirs will be searched for a Gemfile.

  • :search_dirs (String,Symbol,Array<String,Symbol>) Directories to search for a Gemfile.

    You can pass full directory paths, and/or any of the following:

    • :context - the current context directory.
    • :current - the current working directory.
    • :toys - the Toys directory containing the tool definition, and any of its parents within the Toys directory hierarchy.

    The default is to search [:toys, :context, :current] in that order. See DEFAULT_SEARCH_DIRS.

    For most directories, the bundler mixin will look for the files ".gems.rb", "gems.rb", and "Gemfile", in that order. In :toys directories, it will look only for ".gems.rb" and "Gemfile", in that order. These can be overridden by setting the :gemfile_names and/or :toys_gemfile_names arguments.

  • :gemfile_names (Array<String>) File names that are recognized as Gemfiles when searching in directories other than Toys directories. Defaults to Utils::Gems::DEFAULT_GEMFILE_NAMES.

  • :toys_gemfile_names (Array<String>) File names that are recognized as Gemfiles when wearching in Toys directories. Defaults to DEFAULT_TOYS_GEMFILE_NAMES.

  • :on_missing (Symbol) What to do if a needed gem is not installed.

    Supported values:

    • :confirm - prompt the user on whether to install (default).
    • :error - raise an exception.
    • :install - just install the gem.
  • :on_conflict (Symbol) What to do if bundler has already been run with a different Gemfile.

    Supported values:

    • :error - raise an exception (default).
    • :ignore - just silently proceed without bundling again.
    • :warn - print a warning and proceed without bundling again.
  • :retries (Integer) Number of times to retry bundler operations (optional)

  • :terminal (Toys::Utils::Terminal) Terminal to use (optional)

  • :input (IO) Input IO (optional, defaults to STDIN)

  • :output (IO) Output IO (optional, defaults to STDOUT)

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Default search directories for Gemfiles.


  • (Array<String,Symbol>)
[:toys, :context, :current].freeze

The gemfile names that are searched by default in Toys directories.


  • (Array<String>)
[".gems.rb", "Gemfile"].freeze

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